We help AdTech companies by giving you access to millions of app publishers



Increase your inventory

Over 3 Million Apps inside a research platform that is built specifically for Ad Tech. Explore all apps based on Ad SDKs, Ad Partners, Installs, Release Date & over 20 other filters. Now includes contact details!

Track your competitors

We track every App-ads.txt, globally! Combine this with our Sellers.json and custom SDK analyser and you’ll have the most comprehensive view of the market in any research platform.

Get onboarding!

Streamline your sales efforts – we show you which publishers are part of a larger network, and list all sites in that network.

Discover Trending apps

Our real-time tracking of App Stores allows you to see the fastest growing apps in the world. Never miss an app that’s going viral again.

Full App-ads.txt & Sellers.json data

Imagine being able to see every App an intermediary is working with. We track every app-ads.txt and sellers.json and give you the full list of apps working with an intermediary.

Live alerts straight to your inbox

Hourly SDK alerts straight to your inbox or weekly alerts based on your filter criteria. Never miss an opportunity.


Tracking the competition | DiDNA

Working with Red Volcano

Red Volcano offers such an accomplished set of data and features, whilst still supplying an excellent level of customer care, that we would never turn to anyone else when it came to accessing supply-side data. Their responsiveness to our ideas and questions is second-to-none and we look forward to working with Red Volcano for many years to come.

Finding Header Bidder publishers | ADAPEX

Working with Red Volcano

Red Volcano’s App Discovery has proven again that they lead the field in Ad Tech research tools. We’ve had the pleasure of working with Red Volcano for the last 2 years and they have become an important partner to Adapex and our continued growth.

Tracking the competition | FREESTAR

Working with Red Volcano

Having used Red Volcano’s Web Discover Platform for years, we have come to trust both their reliability, and their unique understanding of the industry.

Benefits of working with APP Discovery

  • Built purely for Ad Tech

  • Quick access to 3 million+ apps

  • Contact details for App Publishers

  • A simple monthly subscription

  • Easy contract commitment

  • Live SDK updates

  • Live alerts on any filter criteria

  • Full Sellers.json and Ads.txt searching



How do you gather your data?

Our “secret sauce” collects all new apps as soon as they are released and is built to detect exactly what SDKs an APP is running.

Do you provide training?

Absolutely, we provide an hours training once you are signed up. If you have new employees or need us to repeat the training, no problem, just let us know and we’re happy to help.

Where does your list of apps come from?

We cover all apps from the most popular App stores in real-time.

Do you track {X} technology?

A full list of the technologies we track is available during a demo. If we’re missing someone, we can have them added to our tracker within 24 hours.

Do you have a minimum contract length?

Yes, our minimum contract length is 6 months, after this it’s a simply rolling monthly contract.

Do you integrate with our CRM?

We integrate with Hubspot, Salesforce, Zoho, and Pipedrive. If we’re missing your CRM, simply make a support request and we’ll get it added.

Can I get a free demo account?

Sure. Please mention that you’d like test the platform out during your screenshare demo.

How are you different from AppAnnie?

We are the only platform 100% built for ad tech. By focusing just on tools and data for ad tech companies we are able to offer a much more refined product at a significantly lower price.

Who are you guys?

We’re headed up by Barrie Jarman, who spent 14 years building supply-side ad tech platforms. He saw the need for supply-side research tools and so Red Volcano was born!